Punk Rock Jesus

Punk Rock Jesus is my next OGN about what would happen if a major broadcasting company tried to do a reality show of Jesus Christ by cloning him from the Shroud of Turin. Mayhem ensues between different types of fans: religious people who love/hate the show, angry politicians worried about Jesus running for president one day, and scientists who morally appose cloning. Eventually the project collapses and the young clone has a breakdown when the show "eliminates" his mother because of ratings. He runs away, tells the world that he's an atheist, and fights the power by starting a punk band, The Flack Jackets. His bodyguard is the witness to the whole epic, reminding him of his own IRA struggle in Belfast when he was young, fighting a different sort of power. The script is meant to bring up different types of beliefs and comment heavily on the poor state of our country and terrorism in general.
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